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Hello everybody.
Today’s post is going to be really different from what I’ve been writing so far – I wanted to share with you some gift ideas.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks a lot, when it comes to giving presents to friends. I always want my gifts to be special and somehow show how I feel about that person.

DIY is simply GREAT

So, lately I’ve been thinking about DIY – I like doing things on my own, so why shouldn’t I find cute or nice things for my friends that I can make myself as well?
I came up with three ideas (in collaboration with my good friend, The Internet). You can see them all in the picture.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

For your friend who likes hot chocolate, this is an easy, really appreciated gift.

What you need:

– 50g of cocoa powder
– 40g of dark chocolate chips
– 30g of brown sugar
– 5g of cornstarch
– cinnamon or vanilla or any essence you like in your chocolate
– marshmallows
– a glass jar
– paper, colors, ribbons, anything you like to personalize your jar and the label

How to:

Mix the cornstarch, the cocoa powder and the essence together and put them in the jar. Add the brown sugar on top, then the chocolate chips and finally the marshmallows. Close the jar, decorate it and don’t forget a label with the instructions to make the hot chocolate!
Instructions (for 2 cups of hot chocolate):
Take the marshmallows out of the jar. Put all the ingredients in a small pot. Add 300ml of you favorite milk and take to the boil; lei it boil until it reaches the texture you like most. Serve with the marshmallows and relax.

Homemade face mask/scrub

This is a tricky one. If your friend likes taking care of their skin, it might be the perfect gift, but timing is essential – homemade beauty products lack preservatives, so they must be used within a couple of days from the preparation, unless they’re kept in air-tight containers. It’s always better to make them and use them immediately, but with some care you can give them as a present as well.
The one I made for my friend is a really easy face scrub, but you can find so many things online you can choose what’s better for your friend.

The 365 notes jar

That’s a cute gift for someone really special, because it takes some time to make it (it took me 10 days) but I think it’s really nice. I wrote 365 small notes – some of them are song lyrics, some of them are memories of us, some of them are random notes on life, love, friendship, others are quotes from movies and books… anything that can keep my friend company for a year. It’s really nice to give for Christmas because the person you give it to should read one note per day for the whole year. It’s just to make them smile and think about nice things, or nice memories, or whatever reminds them that they have a friend – no matter how dark and grey the world could turn, there’s still a friend thinking about them.

That’s why I made this gift for my friend, I hope he’s going to appreciate it…

Do you like DIY? Do you like making gifts in general? What do you think about these ideas? Feel free to comment below!