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This year taught me…

It’s time to think about the ending year. I know I’ve already talked about it in my previous post, but I guess I have more to say.

This year taught me so much…

It taught me how to be patient. It taught me that sometimes you have to take risks, to make decisions without thinking about consequences, it taught me that sometimes overthinking is painful and pointless, and the best things can happen when least expected.

This year taught me the importance of family, taught me that real friendship tolerates all distances – the number of kilometres doesn’t count -, but also that it can bloom in the most unpredictable way, in the littlest of time.
This year taught me that love can be beautiful and painful, love can have different shapes and colors. It taught me that a broken heart can heal, even if it takes time.

This year taught me self-confidence and assertiveness. At the same time, it taught me kindness and empathy.
This year taught me that changing, growing, is difficult, and terrifying, and necessary, and sometimes inevitable. It taught me that travelling is the best way to find out about the world and about yourself – it taught me not to be scared about what I might find out about myself. And it taught me how to deal with the fact that all people change, and there’s nothing you can do about it – life doesn’t stop for anybody.

This year taught me that sometimes you need to be brave (and fool?) enough to open up to people, if you want them to open up to you. You have to unveil your soul a bit, if you want to find out who you are talking to. And it’s frightening, and dangerous, it makes you so vulnerable, but it’s going to pay back – you might find a friend you never expected, just because you took the first step.

This year taught me that falling is okay. Only by falling you can figure out how to get back on your feet. And this year taught me that, too.
This year taught me that I can’t save everyone, no matter how much I want it. I’m no hero. I am just a human being, and the best I can do is trying to save those who want to be saved.
Finally, this year taught me that sometimes it’s okay to put myself first – this one was hard to accept, but it’s true.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned this year. And I feel full of hope for the next one. I’m sure 2019 is going to be even better.

What about you? How do you feel about the end of 2018? What did this year mean to you? What are your hopes for the next one?